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Thread: Centrifugal casting gone wrong?

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    Default Centrifugal casting gone wrong?

    Hi all,
    New to the forum but I've watched a ton of guides and I can't figure out what's going wrong. I'm not sure if it's me or just the cheap casting centrifuge. It's the $130 "Dental Lab Centifuge Casting Machine Apparatus" by AmDentalStore

    I had a successful cast at the start of this process but it wasn't perfect so I decided to melt the ring down and re-do it. Haven't gotten a good cast since. I'm not sure what's going wrong. I wind the centrifuge 5 times. It seems like it gets up to a good speed. The gold however does not go into the flask anymore. This last time none went into the flask and it all went over the edge of the crucible.

    The crucible is no longer in new shape. It has chipped edges and has some pits out of it. It's the "Melleco Quartz Zirconia Centrifugal Casting Crucible 2pcs for Dental Lab, over 200 Times of use" one on amazon.

    I'm not sure if my problems are because the crucible is shot, if it's cuz the centrifuge was cheap, if it's cuz I'm not using enough gold, or if it's something else. I balance the crucible but it does seem like it shakes a lot.

    Any tips are appreciated!!

    EDIT: Should also mention that many times the gold would clearly be molten but then would just re-solidify on the crucible. Because of this, I try to get it really hot and release the centrifuge as quickly as possible.

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    To get the gold to flow it must stay liquid throughout the process , must have a large enough channel and must not trap air.
    Don't blame the machine just yet.
    Use a hotter torch, use more than one sprue and make them bigger. Oh and use plenty of flux. Dennis.
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