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Thread: Engagement ring, materials and resizablity.

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    Question Engagement ring, materials and resizablity.

    Hi everyone!

    I have an idea in mind for an engagement ring and wanted to know if it was practical.
    There are 3 materials in this idea: Meteorite fragment and diamond as the decoration and I'm still choosing between gold/platinum/palladium as the main material (any comments on that are highly appreciated).
    The reason for the meteorite has to do with a theme and I've seen them used in jewelry before which sparked this idea.

    My questions are as follows:
    1. Questions
    2. Where would you get certified meteorite fragments meant for jewelry?
    3. How difficult/practical are they to have in a ring? (creation process, durability over time)
    4. It will depend on the design, but would the inclusion of a fragment make it harder or impossible for resizing?
    5. Is this a project best taken to an independent designer/maker or to any jewelry chain?

    I do hope these questions are within the guidelines of this forum. If not, I would really appreciate it if someone could point me towards a forum better suited to these questions.

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    If you are inexperienced, gold will be easier to use than platinum, which requires a different technique. But practice with copper first.

    Pieces of meteorite are availabilities on line and from some gem stone suppliers. The main problem for jewellery making is that the more glamorous pieces, containing iron also have nickel, which is an allergen if in contact with skin. If you get it from a reputable supplier, you can be reasonably sure of the provenance.

    They are no more difficult to mount in a ring than other stones. For re-sizing you would normally unset the stones first for fear of spoiling them, or use a laser. Dennis.

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    I probably should have clarified that I won't be the one making it, I'll be looking for some professional to do that for me.

    Thanks for the tips!

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