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Thread: How to charge bespoke design and making

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    Default How to charge bespoke design and making

    I am working on a couple of bespoke designs.
    I found it is very time-consuming that I have to work on one project for long time.
    I wonder how is average price of it, if you are the start-up as jeweller and already have design expiernces...
    Some of website say min from 1000. is that included materials or only making? Do you charge the design?

    Any tips to cost smartly will be more than welcome to hear.


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    I think thats part of been a jeweller, you have to decide what to charge work out at then tell the customer before you start any work. For example materials plus time taken at your hourly rate then multiplied by your amont to cover costs of electric rent etc Mines(2.2) then hallmarking costs. Depending on the job, I do charge for CAD design. I think this is the most important part of been in business you need to make it worth your while anyone can work for free. As for taking time as long as your getting paid for it it doesnt matter.
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    FWIW, as a hobbyist / amateur / part-timer...

    When I price 'my' stuff for Etsy, I calculate the labour at the London Living Wage (currently 10.55 GBP per hour), or part thereof. Not a fortune, but I'm making these pieces in my own time and for my own amusement.

    If (as happened recently) someone asks me to make a custom version of an existing design (say in a larger size), then I price the labour at 20 GBP per hour, because now I have a deadline and expectations to meet.

    I also mark up materials by 100% (although I believe the 'standard' professional markup is more like 200-300%), including an estimate for consumables (solder, flux, gas, etc.). Hallmarking and shipping I charge at cost.

    But I don't have to make a living from it. A local jeweller told me a couple of years ago, that she charged 30 GBP per hour for commission work, including the design stage. Having a minimum price can help deter time-wasters.

    The trickiest part IMO is knowing how long something bespoke is going to take, before you actually make it. If you give the customer an estimate, then make sure they understand what 'estimate' means. If you give them a quotation, then you have to stick to the price you've given them.


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