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Thread: Hi from the Isle of Wight - question on Silver turning skin green

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    Post Hi from the Isle of Wight - question on Silver turning skin green

    Hello, I am new to making Silver jewellery and I have seen posts already about Silver making skin green. However my problem is that customers that have bought jewellery had no problems from me last year, but advised that the jewellery purchased this year is making their skin green.

    My customers are now questioning me as to whether the Jewellery I am selling is Silver. I do assure them all my metal comes from Cooksongold and have invoices.
    Has anyone else had this problem with existing customers?

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    No, but this is best taken up with Cookson. Dennis.

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    There have been problems on another forums on fb, unusual reactions to just one silver pendant and not the rest. Most of us have put it down to the persons reaction to silver having changed but there are so many variables on why. Rhodium plating had been suggested as an option but I’ve never had to deal with that problem tbh

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