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Thread: Copper / Brass Sheets and solder

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    Hi Guys,

    Ita so nice to be back after a long break. Just been reading some recent posts on here to catchup. I hope everyone is doing well.

    Iím currently working on some new designs and Iíll be using copper and brass for my designs. I was wondering if thereís any difference between buying copper sheets from jewellery suppliers and hardware shops?

    I found its 10 times more expensive to buy it from Cookson than to buy it from eBay suppliers/hardware shops which can be used for anything?

    Iím looking to get copper solder instead of silver but canít find anything in the UK so will be getting these again from eBay from some Chinese suppliers, should I be worried about getting these from abroad?

    Is anyone working with metals and would like to recommend a good reputable supplier with a reasonable price? Any suggestions recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


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    Copper and brass vary in quality, but for most purposes it is OK to buy it cheaper elsewhere.
    Matching solders fuse at high temperatures and sometimes do not flow well. They can also leave larger constructions soft and bowed.

    Personally I prefer to use easy and extra easy silver solder and take care not to spread it. Put into well-used pickle that has turned bluish and adding an iron nail, will change silver seams to match more closely.

    However you can try various base metal solders from here: Solder Dennis.

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    Hi, As Dennis says, I also use easy flowing silver solders on brass and copper, I buy my brass and copper sheet from this supplier who has served me well over the years, I also buy my silver steel rods for making tools from the same company see;



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