Hi, so Iím attempting my first gold setting with diamonds.
The diamonds I have are exactly 3.5mm so I ordered the 15pt double gallery earring settings from Cookson as it states they can take a 3.40mm Stone.
My issue is when I drop the 3.5mm stone in it doesnít even touch the prongs when sat, like the stone is too small.
Iíve only recently got into stone setting and it doesnít seem too technical, am I missing something here with the size though?
if it states the setting takes a 3.4mm Stone is it standard that you should have to grind the seat down some untill the stone fits?
It could be possible that my 3.5mm stone would fit if I grind the seat right down to nearly nothing as the space gets tighter the further down you go. I donít want to go so far down that I end up with no double gallery though. :/