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Thread: Furnace or torch for melting metal for casting?

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    Default Furnace or torch for melting metal for casting?

    Iím new to this site but Iím a jewellery caster who before only used a propane torch to melt silver for casting I now have a furnace for melting silver and brass but it seems to be always breaking or costing more as continuous use the crucibles break down. I do vacuum casting and my furnace has yet again failed me and I have a brass commission looming, should I buy a new electric furnace, a gas furnace or change to an oxyacetylene or oxypropane torch in order to melt brass and silver??? What are the benefits of torch to furnace in regards to top pouring vacuum casting??
    Help and advice from experts needed please

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    Advantage with a furnace is you can melt larger amounts, with less hands one for the purist it is temperature controlled, you can do something else while the metal is heating., you already know the disadvantages
    advantage with oxy/acetylene/propane is it is simple virtually nothing to break down, although all crucibles have a life, I only ever use a a torch for melting and a cheap clay crucible in saying that
    I do not cast jewellery I only melt metal to form ingots, disadvantage is you can only melt small amounts at one time and it is 100% hands on plus you need to be more diligent in respect to temperature.

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