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    Tools Advice - Pillar Drill


    I wonder if anyone can offer any advice to me please!

    I'm going to invest in a pillar drill and wonder if anyone has any advice on which one to get? I've been looking on Amazon and...
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    Etching Advice please!


    I wonder if anyone can help? I'm really keen to try etching and I've been watching a few you tube clips etc to get an idea of it all. I wonder what is the easiest method? I feel it may be an...
  3. Thank you for your reply. I did use pallions of...

    Thank you for your reply. I did use pallions of silver solder to solder the gold wire to the ring? So I don't think it could have been that which caused the fractures in the gold wire? A few people...
  4. Help needed with ring and thin gold wire snapping!!

    I hope someone can offer some help. I made a ring for a customer, made from silver sheet with 0.8mm gold wire soldered on to it, a gold flower and a bezel with amber stone in it. However she...
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