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  1. For Sale: Fairly complete bench set-up

    Due to circumstances and life (so no judgements please!) I am regretfully selling my jewellers bench set-up! Most tools and items were bought new and only some have had very little use. The durston...
  2. im also new to learning polishing skills and...

    im also new to learning polishing skills and techniques, but have a look at the 3m radial discs
    dont need compound to use with...
  3. great idea. thanks

    great idea.
  4. solder station from boards - pins not holding!?!

    Hi all,

    Trying to make a stand up solder station using solder boards from cooksons, the base and back are holding ok but the side boards will not hold with the 'picture/frame pins' im using ..they...
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    how to find original solder seam?

    Hi all

    how would you go about finding the original solder seam on a ring/bracelet, either to cut to resize or just to experiment (like myself)
    Think i remember somewhere that you heat on oxy rich...
  6. Hey Lux when you put a piece in the pickle...

    Hey Lux

    when you put a piece in the pickle after annealing/soldering, the pickle will remove that top layer of copper resulting in a silver surface, but that surface in only microns thick and when...
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    thanks Dennis, when i say spend a small...

    thanks Dennis,

    when i say spend a small fortune i mean for me (poor bank balance) and will only buy essentials and increase as and when...why i posted if anyone knew of those expensive ones going...
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    well helloooo!

    Hi all,

    newbie here (please be gentle)
    what about me, i hear you cry.....
    well im mid 40s guy currentley in kent (hoping to move soon) and work p/t as a tour guide. I have been floundering in...
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