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  1. Ceramic Beadmaking Class - Flame Off 2016 (16th & 17th April)

    At this years Flame Off we are holding a number of craft classes as well as the glassy classes. One of the classes we have on offer is a natural world inspired class with Caroline Dewison.
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    Flame Off 2016 - 16th & 17th April 2016

    This year at Flame Off, not only do we have some amazing lampworking classes to offer but we also have a mosaic making class, ceramic beads class and a glass fusing class. All the classes are...
  3. Elaine Forbes (Wee - lainy) - Boro Jellyfish Implosions Class 10th May 2015

    Lampwork glass artist Elaine Forbes ("wee-lainy") comes from Scotland. She has a PhD in Genetics and moved to Tucson in 2006 while working as a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of...
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    The Flame Off 2015

    The Flame off is the largest Lampwork Glass event in Europe, The event brings glass bead makers together from around the world to share ideas and tips and offers a hands on experience to sit down in...
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