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    oxygen torch set up help

    Hi all,

    I am looking to get setup with an oxygen torch but I have no idea what I actually need to buy and where I can get it from. It seems cooksons sells a smiths little torch but no oxygen or...
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    Antitarnish solution

    Hi All,

    I notice that the sterling pieces I make tend to tarnish rather quickly. I know keeping the pieces in an airtight bag would help but does anybody use any of the antitarnish products that...
  3. knockoff/cheaper alternative for GRS alexandre ring fixture

    Hi All,

    I love the look of the GRS Alexandre Ring Fixture but simply cannot afford it. Anyone know of a cheaper alternative for the same thing? Would like for it to be able to spin the ring in my...
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    Thanks Peter, I wasn't sure what it would be...

    Thanks Peter, I wasn't sure what it would be called for a similar system without compressed air so I figured it was all lumped under the same umbrella, guess not so thanks for the heads up! Ill take...
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    Inexpensive Pneumatic Graving

    Any recommendations for an inexpensive way of doing automatic or pneumatic graving? I have my eye on an LPFG (lion punch forge graver) adaptor from pepetools but unfortunately I cant find one in the...
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    Hammer Action Handpiece Compatibility

    Hi All,

    Firstly, I'm new here so apologies if this is the wrong thread!

    I currently have the Cooksons Pendant Motor (Item No: 999 FD09) and I am looking to move to the next level by getting a...
  7. Finding the mid point on Round or half round wire

    Apologies if not the right place to post but I have what I hope is a really stupid novice question.

    Iíve been practising my flush setting and want to put a flush setting into a half round (or D)...
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