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    how to find original solder seam?

    Hi all

    how would you go about finding the original solder seam on a ring/bracelet, either to cut to resize or just to experiment (like myself)
    Think i remember somewhere that you heat on oxy rich...
  2. Hey Lux when you put a piece in the pickle...

    Hey Lux

    when you put a piece in the pickle after annealing/soldering, the pickle will remove that top layer of copper resulting in a silver surface, but that surface in only microns thick and when...
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    thanks Dennis, when i say spend a small...

    thanks Dennis,

    when i say spend a small fortune i mean for me (poor bank balance) and will only buy essentials and increase as and when...why i posted if anyone knew of those expensive ones going...
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    well helloooo!

    Hi all,

    newbie here (please be gentle)
    what about me, i hear you cry.....
    well im mid 40s guy currentley in kent (hoping to move soon) and work p/t as a tour guide. I have been floundering in...
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