View Full Version : A gemologist needed to test Opal doublet

19-05-2019, 01:33 PM
Hi everyone,
I recently bought an Opal doublet but it looks quite suspicious and I'd like to have it tested by an expert.
Anyone possibly knows a person/company I could send this to?

Thank you in advance!

19-05-2019, 03:28 PM
Some one on the forum may be able to have a look, to send it out to a professional would most likely cost more than the doublet is worth
what are you concerns can post a picture

19-05-2019, 08:34 PM
As Bob has said, an expert opinion could cost more than the stone itself.
Opal doublets are not that expensive, so if you don't like to be uncertain, buy a new one from a reputable dealer, such as AE Ward. Dennis.

20-05-2019, 08:32 AM
If in doubt about opals I can put you in touch with an actual opal miner down under

J Allison
20-05-2019, 09:07 AM
Hi Evie , I cut a lot of Australian opal and am happy to have a look for you no charge , Here is my instagram please feel free to message me .