View Full Version : Rhinestone Picker Pencils.

23-11-2018, 10:20 PM
Iím quite content with my cone of Blu-Tak, for picking up gemstones, but having strayed on line, into the realms of crafting and body art, I found these by accident and bought them out of curiosity.

They are pencils, containing a core of resinous material and can be sharpened with a battery or hand operated sharpener. They donít feel very sticky to the fingers, but easily pick up both large and small stones, and release them again. They leave no visible residue.

https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b&ei=02_4W_e1MIXUsAeOybywBQ&q=rhinestone+picker+pencil&oq=Rhinestone+picker+&gs_l=psy-ab.1.1.0l4j0i22i30l6.25897.27359..31571...0.0..0.6 5.126.2......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71.Sm7Gr3AJ9NM

What do you think? Dennis.

24-11-2018, 12:09 AM
Those look interesting Dennis, just ordered one to try thank you :)

24-11-2018, 03:19 AM
They look handy just ordered a couple, funny thing is I commented to my girl friend she is a nail technician, delved into her back of magic bits and pieces producing several and said "nothing new I have been using them forever"

Paul Kay
24-11-2018, 08:37 PM
Interesting, might give them I try. I guess they are a modern update of the chinagraph pencils I have been using for... ever.

24-11-2018, 11:00 PM
Well that's the missing link then Paul. These come from... China.

26-11-2018, 07:30 PM
Ooh they look handy. Will have to give them a try.