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29-08-2017, 09:56 AM
For years I made do with my 2lb tumbler from UKGE, although I fretted about the lid of the plastic barrel.
In order to be leak proof it has to fit very closely and has always been a tussle to remove.
So when the barrel became reluctant to rotate, due to wear on the rubberised rods, it was time to think about a better machine.

The Lortone 3A has its working parts enclosed, which looks very neat, but if there were to be a problem with the belt, the casing would need to be unscrewed to inspect it.

The rods on which the barrel rotates are of steel and the rubber barrel rests on them, slightly tipped up by the guide for the knurled nut on the lid.

The three-pound barrel is made of rubber with small ridges on the inside to help the tumbling action. They also give a very positive seat to the inner rubber-covered lid. Once slightly lubricated with soapy water it is easy to position or remove, when holding the centre screw.

The outer lid is made of metal, but surprisingly its rim is sharp and unfished, so needs tidying up with a file. The assembly is held together with a knurled nut and a large washer and has been safe from leaks so far.

The washer doubles as a tool for prizing off the tight fitting outer lid. As there is a potential for losing or mislaying them just when needed, I ordered a spare nut and washer set from Ebay.com.

I have also changed to the extra fine mixed stainless steel shot offered by creative Glass, which is expensive but produces the best result yet, with minimal pitting.

3lb. is the recommended total weight for the barrel with its contents.

Stainless steel mixed shot and Barrelbrite
Optimal tumbling time, about 4 hours.
Source: Creative Glass UK. Dennis.

29-08-2017, 12:01 PM

Have you seen the stainless steel shot from Cousinsuk? This is the mix I use and it looks very similar to what you have pictured but it is cheaper.


30-08-2017, 08:24 AM
Hi Dennis they are a very good machine, interesting about the poor finish on the barrel lid when I purchased mine yonks ago it was well finished. however when I purchased a extra barrel just recently the rim is not finished looks like it is straight off the press

( this typing thing is really hit and miss just had drops in my eyes and the have not fully recovered yet)

30-08-2017, 09:58 AM
Thank you for your replies:

HMB, it is actually difficult to assess the size and finish of the shot from just a picture and the suppliers don't give dimensions. The balls in mine go down to 1.6mm and the pins1.52 in diameter.

Bob, I think it's all about keeping up their profit margin and even in the USA they are under pressure. Regards, Dennis.

30-08-2017, 11:24 AM

I measured Approx.

1.2mm - Pins
5mm - Disc
1.5mm - Shot

See pictures