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23-04-2015, 04:27 PM
If you are going to give customers vouchers because of bad service can you not just credit our accounts rather than make it so difficult to use them?

I tried to use it a couple of weeks ago but I'd already ordered my basket the night before so you wouldn't remove the _a10 from my order even though it hadn't been processed. I was told I'd have to leave everything g in the basket and then phone in
That is what I did today because there was also no drop down for free delivery. I was told that as I had metals in my order they would have to phone me back later in the day. I am a jeweller so the likelihood of the order including metals is quite high! I was polishing and gloved up when the phone rang so couldn't answer and was too busy to deal with it anyway. It would now appear that because I didn't phone back before 4.30 my order won't have been dispatched. This is quite ridiculous as the phone call came from you at 3.20 after the cut off point and she didn't even know who she was phoning in her message.
I have probably spent 1000 this year and you are quibbling over a tenner!!

Rob Taylor
24-04-2015, 10:51 AM
Hi Caroline

Sorry you have had this experience, it's certainly not what was intended!
Our systems can't handle discretionary vouchers very well as you have found out, so as of last week we no longer issue them. I've PM'd you with a quick fix for yourself. was the free delivery issue sorted?
It's worth mentioning a couple of items;
The voucher would have covered metal purchases despite what you were told. Some training clearly needed here
Although our order cutoff is 3pm we are still processing those orders throughout the afternoon, so the times aren't contradictory
We value business from all of our customers regardless of size and aim to treat them equally well. When we let let down repeat customers it is particularly embarrassing and we do look to see if there are things we can learn.

Please accept my apologies, I hope that you won't experience this again