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18-08-2014, 02:11 PM
I tried to post this on your 'Contact us' message page but it wouldn't send . . .

I hope never to ring you again. The music was bad enough but to overlay it with the unctious voice aiming to fill my head with ads is really TOO MUCH. Awful, repulsive.

And your 0845 number didn't work either.

And it seems this message box doesn't work either.

Not a good day then . . .

Rob Taylor
19-08-2014, 09:24 AM
Thanks for the feedback about the Contact us ' problem, we'll get that fixed.
I guess the music and messages are a bit of a Marmite event as in love it or hate it. we do have customers comment positively also.
0845 100 1122 was working yesterday, we took over 550 calls on it, I'm sorry you had an issue. If you would email me the number you called in on and the time I'll gladly investigate (rob.taylor@cooksongold.com)
I don't understand your comment about the message box, could you elaborate a little please?

regards Rob