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15-08-2013, 08:03 AM
So, ive been looking around and trying to come up with ideas for my next project, I know I haven't finished the ring yet, but sometimes at work I have some free time to do research into suppliers, materials I could use, designs, etc etc.

This brings me to my point :D

Ebay comes up a lot in my supplier searches, and although I would love it if I got everything from Cookson, sometimes its just not possible.

There is a massive amount of suppliers, and people selling crafting stuff they just aren't using or going to use anymore, so my question...

Just how reliable is the stuff you buy, when it says silver, is it? I really don't like buying things I cant actually feel and look at properly, how do you know who to trust? and is it worth the risk of buying something say for example the "joblot" of redundant beads and findings, how do you know if they meet EU Nickle & lead standards etc etc


15-08-2013, 08:12 AM
short answer.....you don't know if it's reliable or not!! There are a large number of trustworthy sites on ebay but an equal amount of rubbish too. Best advice is to go by recommendation or word of mouth i would think, and where better to get that sort of info than right here!! good luck and i hope the forum gives you some good leads ( as in dog leads...not lead pipe!!! :) )

15-08-2013, 09:02 AM
I agree with Steve, you just can't tell if it's reliable, but you go on recommendations from sites like this and look at the feedback of the seller, the quality of the photos and whether they are the actual items or just stock photos (which I hate).

I sell off my silver and vermeil findings and gemstones beads that I don't need, on eBay and I know my findings really are silver. I've built up good feedback and obvious returning customers so my reputation is reliable. However, I have been stung by buying things that look too good to be true, for example sterling silver headpins that jumped onto the magnet as soon as I tested them - in these cases you need to go back to the seller and get a refund.

Good luck!

15-08-2013, 09:10 AM
leap of faith then in some cases...

ive never bought anything off ebay, but I guess there is no time like the present...

15-08-2013, 06:25 PM
Use the same level of sense and suspicion you would employ were you looking at a range of market stalls. You would examine the items as best you could, talk to the sellers, make an assessment based on the whole look and feel of their operation. Maybe a small purchase first to test them. I have that even on sales through my website - or people will phone just to check I exist in the UK.
There are lots of sellers out there - many deal with findings which are less commonplace than the big suppliers. Some sell on ebay and some through own websites. Plenty of browsing to be done!

19-12-2013, 07:36 PM
I've bought a few pieces from ebay. Some sellers are genuine, but unfortunately I've had my fair share - or even an unfair share - of mis-sellers. I've had to return a number of items where descriptions as 'silver' are incorrect. I use a certain set of criteria, such as ensuring that the words '925 Silver', 'Sterling Silver' and never just 'silver' or 'silver metal'.

To qualify for refunds it is necessary to return the item using registered mail, not just with a requirement for signature (ebay regulations). These days, this postal charge weighs in at over 6, paid for by the buyer, returning the goods (i.e. me!!). It is a significant loss on not buying anything!! Caveat emptor.