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30-05-2012, 11:17 PM
this was the response on facebook to somebody who voiced the same interest as I did some time back

Jeffs Jewellery
Hi is it possible to purchase the radial abrasive discs (999 1974) without the shanks as we already have about 10 shanks but go through the discs quite quickly and obviously it would be a lot cheaper just to order replacement discs, thanks again jeff
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You like this.
Cookson Gold Hi Jeff, we don't offer the discs without the shanks however, have you thought about buying the radial disc kit which comes with 6 of each grade for 10? It's here: http://www.cooksongold.com/Jewellery-Tools/Radial-Disc-Kit-6-Each-3-Grades--3-Mandrels-prcode-999-1967

Radial Disc Kit 6 Each, 3 Grades + 3 Mandrels
This radial bristle discs kit contains 3 disc grades: Yellow - removal of fire s...
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Cornelius McCallum ummm no not a good enough response we know about the kits but would like to buy the discs on their own sans mandrels as I have mentioned on the forum but got no response. The mandrels do not wear out the discs do. What is the point of offering eco silver and wasting resources on unwanted steel it makes no sense.
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Cornelius McCallum and as a by the by other firms do offer them on their own so it can be done and would you not rather that we as loyal customers got them from you in our order than seeking them elsewhere.
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forgive the formatting but it was not easy to lift as was.

Please Cookson don't try to waffle us with crap, if you can't be bothered just say so, :0)

30-05-2012, 11:52 PM
oh and before you say it 925 this is not and never was before a "rant" you will know when I rant as it will involve what some consider "swearing". :0)

31-05-2012, 06:58 AM
I agree entirely that they should supply the discs without the mandrels. Surely it's possible.

On this subject, there are a lot of things that I can import from America but are not available in this country. Why are you so reluctant to embrace new ideas?

31-05-2012, 09:02 AM
I have contacted the product team about this matter and they are going to try and get in touch with the supplier in order to source them without mandrels.

31-05-2012, 09:09 AM
One other thought - when you add some of the more interesting items to your stock list (and I appreciate it is a value judgement), would it be worth flagging more vociferously?

31-05-2012, 10:21 AM
oh and before you say it 925 this is not and never was before a "rant" you will know when I rant as it will involve what some consider "swearing". :0)
I am not sure if this is directed to me Cornelius, but I totally agree. I would however suggest that your loyalties are missplaced, if your preferred supplier will not supply an item in the format we all know is available, go elsewhere, when you start to spend your hard earned Euros elsewhere then they will listen. I now get mine form a dental supplier, they are much cheaper by the dozen than in 3's and 4's, all five colours, not just three.

For me go ahead and swear...