View Full Version : Spooktakular Halloween Freepost 29th October - 1st November

29-10-2010, 01:24 PM
Order online this weekend at Cooksongold.com (http://www.cooksongold.com/home.jsp): receive our Halloween Freepost and enjoy Spooktacular Offers!! Freepost start today and is available until Monday the 1st November at midnight to ALL UK customers who order for over 50 (excluding VAT). To check our despatch dates click here (http://www.cooksongold.com/home/static.jsp?page=freepost-now-even-easier).

Don't forget FREEPOST is now even easier, simply spend 50 or more and select 'freepost' in the delivery options menu, and the P&P cost will be eliminated as you hit checkout. Find some of our scarily good suggestions here (http://cooksongold-mail.com/t/CI8-ABGJ-291G80D003/cr.aspx)!


PS. We might have vampires and haunted houses but don't be afraid to check out cooksongold.com (http://www.cooksongold.com/): our cute Bear At The Bench (http://www.cooksongold.com/Jewellery-Tools/Bear-At-The-Bench-prcode-999-BR01) is there too!

Click here (http://www.cooksongold.com/help/email_signup.jsp) to receive freepost alerts direct to your inbox never miss an offer again!

31-10-2010, 12:23 PM
I placed an order last night to take advantage of freepost, but I didn't see a box to tick, surely if you are offering freepost then everyone spending over the limit should get it even if they don't tick the box. So I'm hoping you can still send my order freepost
Jill Egan

31-10-2010, 12:29 PM
I think if it's over a 50 spend freepost is automatic now. Unfortunately, unlike the old system where you could still choose your delivery method and then freepost, it now defaults to the dreadful DHL @ Home system, which delivers randomly during the day until 6pm (so you're stuck waiting for it) and won't deliver to a neighbour/neighbouring business.

31-10-2010, 05:58 PM
Last time I took advantage of a freepost offer, I created the order on line and then phoned them to make sure they didn't use a courier because I'm never in.

04-11-2010, 10:18 PM
I just received an order from another supplier (mentioned on this forum just the other day) who offered me half price postage to France ( not outer mongolia) they are now offering me freepost on items up to 2kg until the 8th of November. Is this something perhaps you at Cookies could do from time to time for frequent purchasers in Europe?