View Full Version : Niobium

06-07-2009, 01:34 PM
Has anyone else tried this metal? you can get some nice colours for accent rings for chainmaking when the metal is anodized. Has Cookson looked into selling this? ordering from out of the country is an absolute headache.

07-07-2009, 07:51 AM
If you want jumprings then Beadsisters in Nottingham sell Niobium Jumprings ;)
Nicola x

07-07-2009, 10:38 AM
ooh i shall have a google for them, ta, see if i can get some wire (i have my own jump ring cutter, what a fantastic device it is)

28-07-2009, 07:01 AM
Dano, please don't try cutting your own niobium rings with a cutter setup unless you have a fantastic source of new blades and don't mind killing them with every coil!