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Cathy at the Beach
28-08-2010, 09:52 PM
I'm pretty happy with my updated website. My web guy set it up so I can now add photos when I need to - rather then sending them to him. Very clever the way he did it too.
What do you guys think? Nepenthe Studio & Cathy Sutton Welcome You (http://www.nepenthestudio.com)

29-08-2010, 03:30 PM
very nice! great image on the home page, that is a stunning piece.

Cathy at the Beach
30-08-2010, 02:48 PM
Thanks very much. There are actually 3 images that rotate each time the page is loaded! A cool idea eh?

30-08-2010, 02:55 PM
Hey, that is neat! I just checked them all - it was the one with the red stone (garnet?) i saw first, but i cant decide which one id my favourite! really love the labradorite pendant too.

31-08-2010, 02:36 PM
Ooh I like the Labradorite pendant too, and the longer Tortured Copper leaves with the holes in!! Love your Bangl-ishes too. I have done something similiar in the past and called them Brangles, like others. (Apparently the word Brangle means 'argument between neighbours' though).

31-08-2010, 06:40 PM
haha! brangle - i like that word!

Cathy at the Beach
07-09-2010, 04:26 AM
love the word brangle. thanks for your comments. now i just have to keep it up to date!