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09-02-2010, 10:29 AM
A fiver doesn't stretch very far these days and we all like a bargain, that's why this week at Cooksongold.com (http://www.cooksongold.com/home.jsp) we're bringing you a selection of our bestselling products (http://cooksongold-mail.com/t/CI8-3FXX-291G80D003/cr.aspx) - all from under a fiver!

Why not check out some of our suggestions (http://cooksongold-mail.com/t/CI8-3FXX-291G80D003/cr.aspx) of how you can more creatively spend your money including our NEW range of glass bead mixes (http://www.cooksongold.com/category_select.jsp?category=Stringing-and-Craft&Range=Glass_Beads&Type=0&Size=0&show=2&prdsearch=y&pagenum=0&orderby=numpicks&numperpage=100&submit.x=11&submit.y=11) from under 3p a bead, our beading storage (http://www.cooksongold.com/Storage/&prdsearch=n) and accessories (http://www.cooksongold.com/Stringing-and-Craft/) from under 2, not to mention our full range of sterling silver beads (http://www.cooksongold.com/Findings/-Alloy=Sterling_Silver_Findings/-Style=Beads/-Size=0/-Shape=0/-Finish=0/-Holes=0/&prdsearch=y) and findings (http://www.cooksongold.com/Findings/) from 6p each.

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Fi Wilson
09-02-2010, 12:06 PM
Fab, I'll be having a mooch around. Ahh, just remembering back to the days when Polo mints were 5p a tube. Inflation eh, pah!