View Full Version : Hi Shopify help required

J Allison
13-03-2020, 11:51 AM
I have just set this up on Shopify and was wondering if there is any way to make my logo bigger , Any critique / help appreciated https://brightongemstones.co.uk/

13-03-2020, 03:24 PM
I don't know anything about how the shopify system works, that's the disclaimer ;-)

It looks like the logo image that you are using is 260 pixels wide and that is what is being displayed in a laptop/desktop browser. The stylesheet that is being applied has a fixed width of 260px. I make the assumption that the stylesheet is auto generated by shopify to display your image at its optimum. The mobile version has a stylesheet width of 100% and displays a smaller scaled image that fits in the 2/3 centre column.

You could try uploading a larger image and see how that displays in a desktop/laptop browser. The downside of having a larger image is that it takes more time to download and can make your site slower to load. Changing the stylesheet or a style element for the image is a further possibility if Shopify allows you to do this, the downside of this is that the image will not be as sharp when displayed on a larger screen.

I hope this helps