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26-01-2020, 10:14 PM
Hope ths is in the right place to put this on the forum.
I have started to make a setting bench. First of all I'm not a carpenter despite my name! I sketched up what I wanted with measurements then had the local woodshop cut the panels for me. I used 18mm Plywood for most of it. I originally built the sides to fit a filing cabinet but decided against it and went for shelves. I attached most parts with glue and biscuits to keep it firm. Its approx 600mm deep x 1400 mm wide x 1000mm height.

The big panel on the top is to screw on the back of the legs to stop things wobbling.


A bit further on. I have the shelves fitted. I used 4 small plastic blocks under each shelf to secure them. The main work table was fitted on top of 3" x 2" so it should be nice and solid, I made the shelf height fit my motors and air hammer so they would be easily at hand. I temporarily attached the scope so I could set the table height up to keep my back straight while I work .


Everything removed again and I cut some kitchen worktop material for all the surfaces. I stuck it on with builders bonding grip glue. I'm not sure if I want to varnish it or paint it white, Job for this week. I need to hoover up now!

27-01-2020, 04:28 AM
Looks good, a couple of suggestions, you may have already planed this, round the corners of the bench top, you will be very glad you did the first time you walk into it
One more suggestion/opinion finish it with some time of varnish paint will chip every time knock it with something ( it is in a workshop it will happen ) and it will start to look very ordinary in no time.
maybe some batten on the outside edges to keep a check on those runaway stones.

27-01-2020, 08:43 AM
Hope you will enjoy working on that for many years to come, Josef. My suggestion: use some hidden metal brackets to fix the op to the wall. Dennis.