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15-11-2019, 01:43 PM
Good day to all. I was away for a while as been busy with kids and not too much with my hobby.... but wanted to share some recent experiences of buying from cooksons. Spoiler generally positive BUT... I have purchased earlier this year 3 ball clasps from cooksons, clearly marked as sterling silver. after having it received happened to use it only last week and to my disappointment noticed weird discoloration on a fixing coming into the ball clasp after I have soldered it to the chain. after examination I have realized it's plated!!!!!! I had lot's of rrrrr as piece was almost finished.. called cooksons customer service and they have asked to bring it to the counter (and was going to do it today ) , but actually just received a msg from them acknowledging that part of the clasp actually appeared to be plated and I was refunded. I am not cross or anyth but wanted to share with all so you might be aware of same.... imagine I would go to hallmark it... would be a surprise... . On the other note..... has anyone happen to have foll: you order silver sheet 0.6mm but actual you receive 0.5 (without blue film) how they charge with film or without? did I pay as 0.6 or 0.5? 12204. Thank you for sharing.

15-11-2019, 03:36 PM
I have a soft spot for Cookson, not only because they have given us this forum, but once you know their quirks, they generally serve us well.
The story of the clasp is a definite minus and you have every reason to be cross. I think they buy things at face value and do not have a dedicated jeweller to test them first. The result is they are not proactive enough.

As for the measurement of sheet and wire, the shortfall is universal for bullion dealers, and I have always supposed it to do with the conversion from imperial to metric, which for me seems not so long ago. Once you are wary of that you tend to order one gauge thicker, if that is important for the job in hand, or roll and draw your own.

Welcome back, Dennis.

15-11-2019, 04:33 PM
yes Dennis TX , I think you expressed what I feel, I am not cross with them, believe they gave me fair treatment but just unhappy and upset as I had to cut those plated parts and waste so much time of my own ( it was painful and hard )))... but feeling optimistic, as you said since I have learned from experience I will know for future!!!!! Order 1pt more, as I see from your comment I am not alone... so just learning