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  1. Jewellery Making Marketplace Rules and Regulations
  2. Studio Sculpey -sold
  3. Delrin Anticlastic stakes
  4. Jewellery making book for sale
  5. rotary tool hanger.
  6. Photo Set-up *SOLD*
  7. Dremel 300 Variable Speed & Drill Press - SOLD
  8. Bench Peg & Anvil 5
  9. Various artclay/ PMC bits and pieces SOLD
  10. Designer/Maker selling off bits of business
  11. Bench Drill
  12. 925sts Findings for sale.
  13. Horst Uhlig U5 Muffle Kiln for Enamelling~SOLD
  14. sievert regulator 3063 with safty valve for single user.
  15. Sievert Needle Flame 3537 Supplied In Two Parts 3510 Necklet Tube & 8842 Burner
  16. Raising mallets
  17. Gravers & a graver sharpener
  18. Gold Solder
  19. Polishing Motor
  20. Induction centrifugal casting machine
  21. For sale: Inside ring engraving unit - NEW - 250
  22. For sale: Ring stretcher / reducer
  23. Foredom handpiec & chuck
  24. PUK 3S Professional Plus welder for sale
  25. Alpha Disc's Typewriter Upper & Lower case
  26. Twin Tube Daylight Lamp
  28. Jewellery Display Stands
  29. Tumbler, etc - FOR SALE
  30. Spyderco Ceramic Bench Stone
  31. MDX15 for sale
  32. Uhlig kiln U5 & regulator ST2
  33. Lampwork Bead Making Kit
  34. Beads for Sale
  35. Stock Clearance
  36. Selling a whole range of unopened Enamelling dyes- pmc3 and more!All brand new!
  37. brand new delft casting kit and extras
  38. Durston Rolling Mill for sale
  39. Faceting machines and other jewellery making tools/supplies in clear out.
  40. Silver Clay Stamps for sale
  41. Durston Mini Rolling Mill
  42. Casting equipment for SALE
  43. The Technology of Setting by P A Grether.
  44. Fretz stakes
  45. Paragon SC2 for sale !
  46. Exiting My Shop! Bespoke Lit Display Cabinets, Safe, Misc items (ie:gemstones) 4 Sale
  47. Foredom Pendant Drill For Sale + other items
  48. Lots of gear on Ebay, plus more besides for sale/trade
  49. Lost wax casting equipment for sale.
  50. Uhlig enamelling kiln and large quantity of enamels for sale
  51. quantity of hand tools for sale
  52. test kiln/burnout kiln for sale
  53. Quantity of cut stones for sale
  54. Books for sale
  55. Durston rolling mills (Floor standingand a table top)
  56. Engraving machine - GRS Gravermach AT with Monarch Handpiece
  57. Foredom SR Series Pendant Motor Complete Kit- No 30 Handpiece-Stand-Boxed Unused
  58. Pepetools Jump Ring Maker *SOLD*
  59. 3x1 litre microplating unit for sale
  60. PUK 3S professional plus micro welder for sale
  61. Rolling mill in Bournemouth
  62. Swanstrom disc cutter for sale
  63. Looking for someone who can do electroplating
  64. Sisma Laser Engraving Machine For Sale
  65. Sisma Laserman LM700 Laser Welding Machine For Sale
  66. Otec Mini - Wet and Dry for sale !
  67. for Sale - GRS Multi Purpose Vice
  68. Selling ALL my beading / jewellery making equipment
  69. Various workshop tools for sale
  70. Wax injector wanted
  71. Workshop tools for sale
  72. Books for Sale
  73. Raytech Magnetic Polishing system
  74. PUK werlder for Sale
  75. Vertical centrifugal casting machine for sale.
  76. Brand new Wolf Wax Adjustable Wax Trimmer. Offers welcome
  77. Magazines
  78. PUK 2 For Sale
  79. Fabulous Free Workshop Opportunity!!!!
  80. PUK 2 Welder for sale!!!
  81. De-stash: cabs and cut stones, bezel cups, lampwork beads
  82. Where to sell gemstone beads?
  83. Second hand silver clay kiln for sale
  84. Ultrasonic cleaner free just pay postage
  85. Uhlig U5 Muffle Kiln for Enamelling for sale
  86. Benchpeg......might be of interest...
  87. Kiln and Enamels for sale
  88. Bezel cup clear out
  89. Gemstone beads/copper beads and findings for sale
  90. CJ Resins Kit - free to a good home!
  91. Jewellers Tools for Sale
  92. Gemstone beads for sale - ruby/sapphire/tourmaline/citrine and more
  93. Faceted stones and cabs for sale
  94. Bezel mandrels and grain tools for sale
  95. Blacksmith's Anvil for sale
  96. Millgrain wheels for sale - sizes 1,6 and 12.
  97. Setting & enamelling DVDs for sale
  98. Durston Rolling Mill for sale
  99. U5 UHLIG Kiln for Sale
  100. Free Casting machine
  101. Durston Rolling Mill for sale
  102. Fine Silver Bezel cups de-stash!
  103. SELLING my Jewlery making tools, equipment, findings, tumbler etc
  104. GRS Benchmate for sale . Little used .
  105. Pre-Spring clearout - books for sale
  106. Sievert Pro 86 torch kit and extra burner for sale
  107. Cultured fresh water pearls free to someone...
  108. jewellery presentation boxes
  109. Nimbus Cloud Dome Jewellery Photography Starter Set for Sale
  110. Microscope on ebay
  111. Rolling mill for sale 80 =P&P
  112. FOR SALE: Canon G15 camera + Dremel Workstation Drill Press
  113. Jewellery making books for sale
  114. Uhlig 5 enamelling kiln for sale
  115. Engraving book- advanced drawing of scrolls by ron smith
  116. Jewellery Gift Boxes and Organza Gift Bags
  117. Stones for sale
  118. Oppi untracht jewelry concepts & techhnology-book 35+2.50 postage
  119. Flamefast Combine Brazing Hearth and Forge DS120F
  120. Rio Grande PMC Jewellery Kiln for Sale
  121. Jewellers workbench for sale - barely used - london n19
  122. Microplate Machine 3x 1 Litre + New and unopened Rhodium Plate Concentrate Solution
  123. Drawplates and a few books
  124. Lab grown diamonds
  125. Anyone for Hill Tribe and Bali silver bead caps and charms?
  126. Gold and silver dipped Greek ceramic beads!
  127. Labradorite Cabochons!
  128. Workshop Closing! Rolling mill for sale 80 & 3lb Barrelling Machine 40 & more
  129. Gemstones - Citrine, Amethyst, Topaz, Synthetic Ruby and Spinel
  130. Quality Work Bench with Drawers For Sale Cornwall
  131. Gemstone briolettes
  132. Hydro grossular garnet 9.5ct cabochon
  133. Natural Blue Topaz Oval Facet 16.8cts
  134. 1.65ct Black opal Freeform cabochon
  135. Jewellers torch
  136. Ultratec V5 facetting machine for sale
  137. Paragon SC2 Kiln w/ Bead Door, shelf plus tools for sale
  138. Large lot of jewellery display items for sale
  139. Beautiful jewellers workbench for sale
  140. Kiln & enamelling accessories
  141. Closing - destash
  142. Solid black opal from Lightning Ridge 6.75 cts directional neon blue flash
  143. Photography Light Box
  144. Canon 70D DSLR Body + accessories
  145. Modahaus Photo Studio
  146. Rose cut coloured diamonds, anyone?
  147. 21 ct Masai Sunstone freeform cabochon
  148. Tool destash
  149. Fretz Hammer and Stake sets FS
  150. Lots of Jewelry equipment forsale, want to sell as complete lot
  151. Destash of gemstones
  152. Durston Rolling Mill
  153. Foredom handieces
  154. Raw Amethyst faceting rough from Uruguay
  155. Torch
  156. Gem Quality Bead Destash
  157. GRS benchmate inside ring holder
  158. Emerald for sale!!!
  159. Amethyst, Topaz, Tourmaline and Ruby Rush Sales!!!!
  160. Jewellery books
  161. Prometheus Kiln for sale
  162. Various silversmithing tools for sale
  163. For Sale - Lead Pickle Tank
  164. Various Silver Clasps
  165. Czech Glass Pony Beads
  166. Chain Maille books
  167. Free Jewellery Bench
  168. Tools for sale
  169. hammers, mini vice & clamps
  170. Vintage new (1987) Milbro pendant drill 12000rpm
  171. Rotabarrel, Tumbling Machine, Polishing Machine
  172. NSK Volvere Micromoter for sale
  173. Mixed lot of faceted/cab gemstones
  174. Dremel Hobby Engraver
  175. Brand New Firing Accessories and Metal Clay Tools for Sale!
  176. Metal Clay Books for Sale
  177. Japanese PMC Ring Makers for Sale!
  178. Wooden Jewellery Necklace Display Busts
  179. Brand new bench and everything you need to get started
  180. Sisma Desktop Laser Welder For Sale
  181. Combination rolling mill - testing the water
  182. Jentner Electro Plating Unit RM01...?
  183. practically new casting set up
  184. geronimo 777
  185. vacume casting machine J2-R for sale, New!
  186. 3D printer for sale (project 1200)
  187. Casting complete set up
  188. Art Clay Bundle
  189. GRS Benchmate QCX for sale
  190. Smith Little Torch and Oxy-Con
  191. Paragon SC2 Kiln for Sale - with firing accessories!
  192. Primotec Phaser MX1 argon arc welder
  193. Vecstar Kiln.
  194. Gravograph m10 jewel engraving machine with linx laptop - 2,800
  195. Norwich Workshop Items for Sale As New
  196. Lampert PUK 3S professional for sale
  197. Foredom Bench Lathe/Polisher and Foredom Extraction Hood - FOR SALE
  198. Foredom H18 quick release handpiece for sale.
  199. For Sale: Fairly complete bench set-up
  200. puk s3 welding system 1000
  201. Durston Single Polishing Machine
  202. Heracast iQ Intelligent vacuum-pressure casting machine
  203. Wolf Tools wax carving set - unused
  204. Primotec Phaser Mx1 tig welder plus microscope.
  205. Blaine Lewis classroom in a box dvd set
  206. Gold filled chains
  207. Micro thermal spatula for fine work and sculpting
  208. OXYCON FOR SALE (for Oxygen/propane setup)
  209. Magic 50 Engraver For sale - Like new
  210. Foredom Polishing Motor and Filter Hood
  211. Foredom Hammer Handpiece and points
  212. Kiln & Enamelling Supplies
  213. Leica A60 Microscope For Sale [SOLD, apparently]
  214. Magic 70 engraver
  215. Terrific value jewellery Book Book Bundle
  216. GemLightbox Pro for sale
  217. Heraeus IQ casting machine for sale
  218. Jentner Comfort II Electroplating Machine (Never Used)
  219. Having a massive clean out and scaling back my workshop
  220. Job lot of equipment for sale
  221. Solid wood bench top for sale