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What is Fairtrade Gold?

  • Fairtrade Gold is the world's first independent ethical certification system for gold. The Fairtrade Gold Standards include strict requirements on working conditions, health and safety, handling chemicals, women’s rights, child labour and protection of the environment.

  • Fairtrade Gold makes a real difference to the lives of miners, their families and communities. Buying Fairtrade Gold means you know the small-scale and artisanal miners were paid a fair price, giving them financial security. They also receive an extra amount of money to invest in building the future of their families and their communities, through education, clean water and healthcare.

Why offer your customers Fairtrade Gold?

  • • Because it’s traceable
    Fairtrade Gold is a simple, flexible and cost-effective way to source the gold you need responsibly and with traceability – all through an international network that’s recognised and trusted by shoppers. We are audited on a regular basis to ensure all requirements are met in-line with Fairtrade guidelines.

    • Because consumer support for Fairtrade is increasing year on year
    New independent sales figures reveal that retail sales for Fairtrade Gold and Fairtrade Silver grew by 14% globally and 21% in the UK in 2018, alongside increased business engagement. The figures back up the findings of the Fairtrade Foundation, which show public support for Fairtrade at an all-time high.
    Reports also show that a third of consumers would choose to shop at stores that were concerned about how their gold is produced, while a quarter said they would buy Fairtrade Gold even if it meant paying more**.
    ** CAFOD, " Good bling not bad bling says British public," 2006

    • Because it shows your customers that you’re committed
    Fairtrade Gold shows your customers your commitment to supporting artisanal and small-scale miners to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and communities. More mines are coming on stream with more planned for 2019. The main areas for mining are Peru and Bolivia with Uganda and Tanzania planned for 2020 

Our Fairtrade Gold products

  • In 2011 Cooksongold became a certified supplier of Fairtrade Gold and the first major supplier of Fairtrade bullion in the UK. Your purchases through us have generated over $60,000 of Fairtrade Premium for artisanal miners. Worldwide $1M has now been raised to support communities where it's needed. Cooksongold now stocks Europes widest range of Fairtrade products for the jewellery maker, with recent additions including a range of 9ct products. Our full range includes: 

  • Fairtrade Round Wire

  • Fairtrade Square Wire (Now Available in 9ct)

  • Fairtrade Sheet

  • Fairtrade Grain (Now Available in 9ct)

Purchasing Fairtrade Gold

  • In order to purchase and use Fairtrade Gold you must register as a Fairtrade Goldsmith or Fairtrade Licensee. Registering as a Fairtrade Goldsmith is a free process and can be completed via www.fairtrade.org.uk/goldbusiness.

  • Ordering couldn't be easier, simply quote your Licensee number or tell us you've registered under the small Goldsmiths scheme and we can despatch, typically the same day

  • Cookson Precious Metals Ltd Flo Cert number: 26114

For further information about our Fairtrade Gold range please contact us:

T: 0345 100 1122
E: info@cooksongold.com

For further information from the Fairtrade Foundation please click here.


Fairtrade Gold at Cooksongold

Cooksongold supply an extensive range of Fairtrade Gold bullion including gold grain, Fairtrade Gold wire and loose chain. All available for next day delivery, our varied range of Fairtrade Gold products allow jewellery makers to create finished pieces that are recognised and trusted by shoppers. Fairtrade Gold provides an important alternative, giving the jeweller the ability to satisfy consumer demand for traceability and ethically sourced gold. Our Fairtrade range is the largest stock offering in Europe and includes Fairtrade 9ct gold grain, sheet, gold wire and loose gold chain. Discover our full range of Fairtrade gold products here.

Metal prices
Tue 27 Feb 2024

Silver (AG)
574.533 KG

Gold (AU)
51.623 GM

Palladium (PD)
24.503 GM

Platinum (PT)
22.651 GM

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