Men’s Jewellery: The Prince Harry Effect

According to Retail Jeweller Magazine, the Royal Wedding is set to increase UK retail sales by £195.5million by the end of August. Don’t be mistaken into thinking that this will all be spent on commemorative plates though; the effect of such an event will reach most sales sectors with few exceptions, as we live in a world so obsessed by celebrities.

We have experienced the ‘Kate Effect’ with the arrival of Kate Middleton onto the royal scene, and now we have the ‘Meghan Effect’ which is expected to result in a spend of £48.9million on non-food items including fashion. But what of the ‘Harry Effect’? Is there such a thing?

Princes William and Harry have distinguished themselves as the new modern face of the Royal Family, with a much more casual approach to both appearance and behaviour which makes them much more accessible to the likes of you and me. Much has been made of the fact that Prince William chooses not to wear jewellery of any sort, and that includes a wedding band in the same vein as his Grandfather Prince Philip.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, is a great advocate of jewellery in general, in particular the more casual styles such as leather thong necklaces and the beaded bracelet which matches one worn by his new wife Meghan Markle. This has been well documented, and will undoubtedly have influenced sales of this already popular men’s item which can be replicated very inexpensively using leather cord such as the one pictured below.

Black Round Leather Cord 2mm Diameter

Black Round Leather Cord 2mm Diameter (998 1010)

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle emerged from Windsor Castle to attend the evening reception of their wedding, most eyes were on Meghan’s Aquamarine ring, formerly belonging to Princess Diana. However, those looking a little more closely will have spotted Harry’s open-ended ball bangle similar to the one pictured below, which is another firm favourite of the Prince.

Sterling Silver Screwable Smooth Bangle

Sterling Silver Screwable Smooth Bangle (NVQ1 BL03)

True to form and unlike most other male members of the Royal family, it has been announced that the new Duke of Sussex will wear a wedding band, and his choice will no doubt influence others who will want to follow in his footsteps. Opting for a textured platinum band created by Royal jewellers Cleave and Company, his decision bucks the trend for men in prominent positions in high society, abstaining from this tradition as it wasn’t “the done thing”.

Platinum D Shape Wedding Ring

Platinum D Shape Wedding Ring

These seemingly trivial choices do in fact have major significance, as they are indicative of Harry’s attitude towards Royal protocol and expectations. He has shown himself to be a thoroughly modern Prince who will do things his way regardless of tradition, and the general public will love him all the more for this. By doing this he has made himself much more accessible and identifiable to us ‘normal’ folk, which means his influence over matters large or small (jewellery and fashion being one of them) will only increase. It is safe to say the ‘Harry Effect’ is very real and will be extremely far-reaching as, like his mother before him, the public have taken Prince Harry very much to their hearts.

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