How To Make A Silver Box For Jewellery

by John Ross Give friends or loved ones something handmade to keep their precious jewellery items safe – find out how to make a trinket box for storing jewellery with our simple how-to guide. You will need: Adjustable Saw Frame (999 738) Grade 2 Saw Blades (999 4353) Planishing Hammer (997 3111) Rawhide Mallet (997 3118) Round Plain Triblet (997 3616) … [Read more...]

Material Focus: Platinum

Platinum is the rarest and most valuable of the three precious metals, (gold, silver and platinum). It's distinctive silver/grey colour and dense structure give it a certain gravitas which eludes most other metals, and is why it is an obvious choice for anyone wanting to achieve or obtain quality and luxury. If you add to this it's fabulous resistance to corrosion, it really is … [Read more...]

How To Make A Silver Heart Pendant

by Lana Crabb Wondering how to make a pendant with a cute heart theme for the perfect gift for your someone special? This jewellery making project for a Silver Heart Pendant using the Artisan heart shaped disc cutter is for you. Discover the tools you’ll need as well as our tips on how to make a silver heart pendant below. How To Make A Heart Pendant Follow our helpful … [Read more...]

Review: The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers: Techniques and Projects

by Jo Varney The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers: Techniques and Projects by Wing Mun Devenney I am sure I’m not alone in having my fair share of soldering disasters over the years so I was really pleased to be sent a book about the subject to review! The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers is a lovely modern book published only two years ago, so it is bang up to … [Read more...]

Silversmithing Q&A with Laura Golbourne

Yesterday our in house silversmith Laura Golbourne hosted a live Q&A on our Facebook page. We had some many great questions that we thought we would post an article so that these great tips aren’t lost in the depths of our timeline. Thank you once again to everyone who took part, it was so great to chat to you all!   Question: I'm having trouble with how much silver … [Read more...]

Technique Focus: Joining Types and Tips

 Most types of jewellery require at least one movable joint, therefore it is a vital part of a piece and should be considered during the designing stages. You need to think about the type of movement you require, specific to the design. Types of Joining Links   Rivets: A rivet has the ability to hold pieces together without solder. You need to push your small piece of … [Read more...]

The NEW Cookson’s Technical Information Booklet: one stop guide to jewellery making!

THE JEWELLERY GUIDE We've just launched the 32-page Jewellery Guide for those of you who are going back to work, starting work or just looking for new pieces to buy for your workshop!!  It contains the essential products to every jewellery maker's workshop: machinery, clay, starter kits, books, chains and bullion are amongst the many products you will find in this useful … [Read more...]

Starting & furnishing a jewellers workshop

Making jewellery doesn’t require a large space or big pieces of equipment or even furniture. A selection of key jewellery workshop pieces combined with basic hand tools provides everything for your first jewellery studio. provides a full range of jewellery tools - from basic hand tools, pre-packed tool kits, consumables, larger machinery right through to the … [Read more...]

Soldering – Technical Hints

Satisfactory soldered joints in precious metal articles must be strong yet unobtrusive. The basic principles of soldering practice must be applied to ensure strong consistent joints along with the following points:   (i) The design must lend itself to soldering. (ii) The parts to be soldered must fit closely and accurately. (iii) The correct solder and flux must be … [Read more...]