How To Make A Silver Heart Pendant

by Lana Crabb

Wondering how to make a pendant with a cute heart theme for the perfect gift for your someone special? This jewellery making project for a Silver Heart Pendant using the Artisan heart shaped disc cutter is for you. Discover the tools you’ll need as well as our tips on how to make a silver heart pendant below.

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How To Make A Heart Pendant

Follow our helpful guide on how to make a silver pendant – the perfect gift for any occasion, or merely a project made for your wearing.

For making a silver pendant, you will need:

  • Artisan Heart Disc Cutter (997 1631)
  • Doming Set (999 775A)
  • Brass Head Mallet (997 3135/997 3134)
  • Wet and Dry Paper 800 (975 070)
  • Needle Files (999 527)

Soldering equipment for making your heart pendant:

  • Hand Torch (999 955)
  • Stainless Steel Tweezers (999 985)
  • Silver Solder Paste (PAT 021)
  • Picklean Safe Pickling Powder (855 1060)
  • Pickling Unit (999 AFD)
  • Sterling Silver Sheet (ideally 0.6mm-0.8mm thick) (CSA 060/CSA 080)
  • Silver Chain of your choice (we used VVC FHA)

Optional extras for making your silver heart pendant:

  • Texturing Hammer
  • Rolling Mill
  • ImpressArt Metal Design Stamps
  • Metal Barrelling Machine

Step 1 – Cut Out the Heart Shapes

The first steps of how to make a heart pendant is to use the lever to open the heart disc cutter. Remove all five punches and place your piece of silver sheet between the two steel beds making sure that your piece of silver covers the entire hole of the heart you want to use! In this case we used the smallest heart to begin making our heart pendant:

image 2

Turn the handle on your heart disc cutter to tighten the steel beds together, which will hold the sheet in place. Insert the appropriate punch and hit this with your brass mallet to cut out two hearts (you might need to give this step a bit of elbow grease!)

Image 3

You should be left with two identical hearts; they may have a slight burr on one side so be sure to use a flat needle file and some wet and dry paper to smooth this off nicely before doming.

Step 2 – Dome the Hearts

Place your heart shape into the circle as shown, and use the appropriate punch to shape the heart for your silver heart pendant.

image 4

The punch should fit inside and fill the circle easily, and not rest on the surface of the flat cube – this is how punches get marked and ruined! After this you can use a smaller circle to give the hearts a more domed effect.

Image 5

Step 3 – Solder the Heart

Create a flat surface to solder the pieces together for your heart shaped pendant on the top of the two curves and the point of the heart. This can be done using a piece of wet and dry paper or emery paper. You only need a slight flat on the edge of the sheet so be careful not to overdo it.

Image 6

Then, use silver solder paste (excellent for small, fiddly jobs such as making a silver pendant) again at the top of the two curves and the point of the heart and carefully place the two parts together, as shown. The paste really helps to tack the halves together, so it is highly recommended that you use it over pallions or by stick-feeding.

image 7Image 8

After soldering, quench the silver heart and pop it in the pickle for to be cleaned off before finishing your heart pendant.

image 9

Step 4 – Finishing

Now is time to finish your silver heart pendant – use wet and dry papers to gently buff out scratches, followed by the yellow radial disks on the pendant motor for a soft satin finish. Then, simply hang the heart onto a chain, going through the top and side – now, your heart shaped pendant is finished.

Image 10image 11

To add your own personal touch when you make a pendant like this, you could texture the silver before doming using a texturing hammer, a rolling mill with some lace or you could experiment with ImpressArt stamps to even add your loved one’s initials. The pendant can be polished easily using a barrelling machine.

Fancy giving this project a try in your own workshop? Everything you need to create the basic silver heart pendant can be found at Cooksongold.

Download a copy of this silver heart pendant project to print out at home– and don’t forget to show us your finished results!

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