How To Stamp Metal Jewellery

No matter how far along you are in your jewellery making endeavours, metal stamping is heralded as a classic skill that can be adopted by anyone, from beginner to advanced.

From experimenting with a range of intricate patterns, fonts and pendant shapes, to mastering the use of metal stamping tools, read on to discover more about how to make stamped metal jewellery that adds a sentimental touch to your collection.

Why not learn more about this jewellery making technique with our handy video too, which introduces the basics of metal stamping?

How to hand stamp metal

Hand stamping metal is a great way to get creative with your jewellery designs. You may decide to produce a selection of necklaces with decorative pendants, or even smaller pieces on bracelets. Whichever designs you choose to work with, our ImpressArt metal stamping kits and stamps cover all occasions.

metal stamped bangle and keyring

So, what’s the next step? Get yourself a selection of metal stamping blanks and get started with stamping out your designs…

Using tape to line up imprints

The first step in stamping blanks is to line up your stamp design. Using ImpressArt stamp straight tape, set it across your metal stamping blank and use the edge as a guide for where you place your metal stamp. This is especially useful if you’re stamping out a quote, or a single word using letter stamps. There’s nothing worse than ruining a metal stamping blank with lettering that doesn’t line up.

How to stamp jewellery with a brass hammer

Stamping your pendants is a delicate task, as you don’t want to cause unnecessary damage to the metal. That’s why the ImpressArt metal stamping hammer is designed to help you create deep, long-lasting stamp designs in one swift strike, without splitting your metal stamping blanks. Its handle provides comfort while stamping, and the brass hammer head is soft enough to mitigate the risk of double impressions.

impressart stamping hammer and blank

If you’re just beginning your jewellery making journey, you may find that you accidentally stamp a double impression. Don’t worry – once you get used to using different tools, you’ll be able to create hand stamped jewellery that you love in no time.

Extra support with a strike jig

If you’d like more support when you stamp your pendants, the ImpressArt simple strike jig offers protection for your fingers and the stamping blanks. Select your stamp and place it in the jig, then grasp the scooped handle and stamp away using your hammer.

The strike jig is another way to guarantee single impressions that are deep and long-lasting. You don’t have to use a jig, but if you’d prefer the extra support we’d recommend investing in one.

strike jig

Personalise your stamping blanks with letters and imagery

As mentioned above, our ImpressArt range of stamps cover all occasions. Choose from lettering in different fonts if you’re stamping out someone’s name, or even small, intricate images if you’re going for sentiment. Our ImpressArt design stamps include:

  • Pawprints
  • Hearts
  • Stars
  • Moons
  • Florals
  • Textured punches

…and much more. Get creative with a wide selection of delicate shapes and lines, perfect for making personalised gifts for loved ones and customers.

metal stamped ring

Using these stamps can give you a competitive advantage. If you’re able to create any hand stamped metal jewellery your customers desire on demand, then you’re likely to build up a loyal customer base who keep coming back for more of your creative designs.

A finishing touch

Hopefully, we’ve answered your question of “how to stamp metal jewellery”, with the tools, stamps and techniques mentioned above. Once you’ve stamped out your design onto your metal stamping blanks, all that’s left is to apply a sleek finishing touch.

Our ImpressArt enamel marker pens are specifically designed to make your metal stamp creations stand out, without having to re-stamp or start again. Carefully run the tip of the marker through the grooves you’ve created with your stamp and let the acrylic ink dry. If you get enamel on the outer edge of your designs, use a toothpick to remove it.

sparkle stamped textured metal pendant and chain

What designs will you create? Once you’ve mastered your technique, you’ll be able to expand your collection of workbench tools and your jewellery selection.

Get started by downloading your printable version of our tips and tricks using ImpressArt, then you can put it up in your workshop, ready for your next project! If you want to learn more about the technique of metal stamping, don’t forget to read our simple step by step guide to metal stamping too.

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