Brand Focus: Busch Burrs for Jewellery Making

Busch are a German company based in Engelskirchen, originally founded in 1905 by two brothers Erich Busch and Ernst R Busch.

Busch jewellery tools

Busch’s original aim was to provide better quality, precision tools to the dental industry which was still in its infancy at the time.

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However, as production increased and their success grew, they found that their new innovations in cutting and abrasive rotary equipment were also very well suited to jewellery making – and so now Busch produce a variety of burrs and drill bits among a selection of other jeweller’s tools for stone setting.

Product innovation at Busch

Still managed by third-generation family member Gert Busch, Busch continues to break new ground when it comes to burr innovation. When the company first started, they produced some of the first dental carbide drills available in Germany, as well as ceramic bonded abrasives and diamond coated grinding instruments. Today the company continue to develop their diamond coated instruments using state of the art technology, always with the users’ improved experience at the centre of their ideology.

Busch carbide burrs

Material developments are key to the strength and efficiency of a burr, and manufacturers are constantly striving to improve these two factors to produce better products. Carbide is three times stronger than any steel, and it also has great heat and wear resistance so it’s easy to see why Busch products were so successful when they first appeared on the market. Its strength also means it is suitable to use with any metal both soft and hard, which makes it quite a unique material with a huge range of uses.

busch carbide burr

The carbide burr pictured above is one of Busch’s newer products and is made from isostatically compressed, finest grade carbide steel. These burrs are durable and powerful, and are designed for working on hard jewellery metals such as white gold, platinum and titanium with great efficiency. This shape of spherical burr in particular is good for shaping, texturing and creating indents for setting stones, and is recognisable as ‘high tech’ and ‘ultra durable’ by its gold band visible around the shaft.

Busch twin cut concave burrs

Another great innovation from Busch is their brilliant twin cut concave burr, which combines three processes (rounding, smoothing and shortening) into one swift and efficient manoeuvre. Perfect for chaton work, if you have never used one of these before it is like magic happening before your very eyes!

busch cup burr

Manufactured from tungsten vanadium steel, these burrs offer precision and strength along with great resilience to wear which means you can expect them to last. As well as twin cutting geometric blades, these burrs have two chip channels which allow waste material to be quickly removed during the operation itself, reducing clogging and improving efficiency when creating your pieces at the bench.

High quality tools for jewellers

Whilst it is impossible to summarise every one of Busch’s high quality products in just one article, we will say this; the reputation of Busch jewellery tools is built on many years of research and innovation undertaken by one family dedicated to the production of quality items. Those items deliver dependable excellence time after time, making Busch a brand you can rely on in your jewellery making workshop.

Now you know more about Busch, why not discover which of their burrs is best suited to your project by taking a look at our guide to choosing the right burr for your design? Don’t forget about parts two and three of this series too, which cover the shapes of Busch burrs and the jobs they are intended for.

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