Review: Swarovski Pear Shaped Pendants

By Lorraine Sanderson, Burning Gecko

Swarovski® is a name associated with high quality crystal beads and high end jewellery. There are many suppliers selling crystal which may be acrylic, glass or plastic, but Swarovski® is a brand that almost everyone interested in jewellery will have heard of, and it comes with high expectations.

Today I will be reviewing some of the newer additions to Cooksongold’s range, a set of pear shaped pendant beads which are available in aquamarine, ruby, crystal AB, crystal and jet colours, each supplied in packs of two. A minor point, but one which really appeals to me is that the Swarovski® crystal beads feel cold to touch initially, like a natural gemstone does.

These pear shaped pendants are stunning. They have the clarity and perfection of a very expensive natural gem equivalent, and measure 16mm x 10mm (approximate with my ruler).  The beautiful faceting on both sides allows the light to shine through, and gives them amazing sparkle with the natural movement of wearing them. The facets are not rough or too angular making them comfortable to touch, especially useful if you are a ‘twiddler’ of your jewellery.

The front and back of the pendants are identical, and have a slight puffy shape. The outer edges of the beads have a very smooth flat 1mm (approximately) side, which could be used as a seat for some D shaped wire to edge the crystal and give the appearance of a bezel setting. The drill hole is at the top of the pear shape, and goes from front to back, and I can easily thread 1mm wire through and still have enough space for natural movement of the crystal. The ability to thread 1mm wire through a drill hole is quite unusual, and will give lots of potential to use as a focus in an intricate wire wrap, knowing you have the security of the crystal being anchored in by the drill hole.

Swarovski Pear Shaped Pendant

If keeping it simple is your style, the front to back drill hole means that fitting a jump ring will automatically give you the position that you require for threading a chain through, and the crystal will be facing in the correct direction. Another beautiful way these pear shaped pendants can be displayed is by using a briolette wrap at the top (below), this will hide the drill hole but allow the rounded bottom of the pear to dance with the light.

Swarovski Pear Shaped Pendant

I like to use these shapes in clusters of five to make an exquisitely beautiful sparkling stylised flower. Five can be threaded onto a piece of wire, formed into a circle with the petals facing up, and then the ends of the wire curled or swirled to form the centre of the flower. The colour featured below is the ruby red shade, used a part of a tutorial to make a copper brooch. Due to the way the light dances off the facets, these pear shaped pendants would also look stunning in a sun catcher hanging in the window.

Swarovski Flower

Finally, for me the colour of these little beauties has to be the main attraction. The aquamarine shade in particular is like the colour of summer, lush and juicy or icy blue, fresh and clean…the options are endless.

The stunning pear shaped beads are part of the range of Swarovski Crystal pendants available at Cooksongold. Why not explore our full selection and get creative?

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