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Jewellery Soldering Equipment and Tools

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Please note all prices listed are based on cash prices and are exclusive of VAT. Prices for precious metal products are an estimate only and can vary slightly depending upon the metal price, the actual weight and the cutting tolerances which we are able to achieve. Bullion prices are based on 10gm.

Professional Jewellery Soldering Equipment

We stock a wide range of jewellery soldering equipment to help speed up your processes and make soldering jewellery designs simple. One of our most popular pieces of soldering equipment is the Aquaflame jewellery soldering machine. The Aquaflame 3500 soldering machine is ideal for small items, such as gold and silver chains, as well as soldering charms onto delicate bracelets. For those larger jewellery pieces, the Aquaflame 800 and Aquaflame 1200 are the most suitable soldering machines to ensure high-quality finishes on your jewellery designs. The perfect addition to a jewellers' soldering station.


Our Aquaflame collection also includes a variety of accessories, manufactured to further improve the soldering process. For successful soldering, you’ll require the highest quality jewellery soldering tools and equipment. Our collection features a wide range of quality soldering tools from the leading brands, including Sievert soldering torches as well as a selection of oxygen and gas equipment. All of our soldering torches are designed to provide you with precise and high-quality results, whether you’re soldering silver, working with gold, or an array of other metals. We also stock a range of soldering powders and fluids.

Soldering Blocks

What’s more, our range of soldering blocks acts as the ideal surface on which to solder. All of our soldering blocks are durable and successfully hold heat for longer, meaning that when you’re soldering jewellery, it will take less time to reach the required temperature. 
If you require a long-lasting soldering surface, our honeycomb boards and soldering sheets are the most suitable equipment for your work. For added durability, these are acid resistant and can reach temperatures of up to 1093°C. 

Silver Soldering Equipment

At Cooksongold, our products include silver soldering equipment, as well as soldering equipment that can be used on a number of precious metals. Looking for a jewellery soldering kit in the UK? Look no further. Our complete range is sure to meet your needs.


With equipment like soldering irons for jewellery, iron binding wire, epoxy glue and revolving soldering stands, you’ll be able to take your jewellery making to the next level.


Jewellery Soldering Kits

Looking to invest in a soldering kit to branch out with your jewellery making? We have the best soldering kits for when you’re just starting out, or if you need to invest in a complete set of new soldering tools to replace your old ones.

Containing all the essentials you’ll need to get started with new projects, our soldering kits contain some of the industry’s most popular soldering tools – including different types of soldering blocks, liquid flux, flux brushes, different types of solder, iron binding wire and pickling salts. Our starter soldering kit is a great way to make your jewellery pieces unique.

To get more information on all of our soldering tools and equipment, simply contact our expert team today,  or download the Soldering Infographic for more information. Alternatively, continue browsing through our range of jewellery tools.

Metal prices
Wed 20 Sep 2023

Silver (AG)
605.398 KG

Gold (AU)
50.365 GM

Palladium (PD)
33.567 GM

Platinum (PT)
24.499 GM

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