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Thread: unusual size cabochons, Metal stamps

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    Default unusual size cabochons, Metal stamps

    Hi is there anyone that could advise me where to get very large like 40mm cabochons and strange shape, i have looked in normal places like cooksons , palmer metals kernowcraft and a few others and cant seem to find anything ,

    also can anyone help with where i can get 2.5mm or 3mm metal print stamps like hearts or stars, church cross, other then USA as every where i search are in USA and im worrying about buying from abroad and like to just buy from places i no, i do like Impress art stamps but seems to be only sold in USA can anyone help , many thanks Michelle

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    Stamps I have no idea about where to buy as I make my own from fimo or wood dowel. As far as large cabochons go with unusual shapes and stones, one place I like is but there are many others if you hunt on the web, Etsy is also a good place to find designer cabs, most of the sellers are in the US but I have found to date they are reliable and of good quality.

    edited to add : though obviously my stamps would not mark metal but are used for PMC :0)

    edited again lol: a quick check for decorative stamps UK brought up these not sure how big they are but it is certainly a start.
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    I like to go to the Rock'n'Gem show when it comes around. I haven't been to one for a few years (because when I think, shouldn't they be coming here sonn, it was always last week!) but they used to be really good, especially for abstract shapes and interesting stones. I have got some real bargains in the past!.

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    thank u Kwant and josiejo i have just looked at these sites they are helpful, kwant the bead shop in Manchester is good but im looking for a cross stamp really as would like it for a bracelet for a friend who is a church person so wanted to make it a little special , but im glade ive joined the forum people are so helpful xxx michelle


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