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    Can I ask is there anybody from Scotland out there? In particular the central belt? I think I am ready to start attending fairs but am unsure where would be the best venues or the best way to sell my jewellery. I have a website with a small selection of my jewellery but it is not really working out and I think that I need to try a wider audience. I also sell on etsy. I am worried that the jewellery that i sell would be too expensive to sell at fairs and it would just be a huge waste of money. Basically I don't know what direction to take at the moment. I am asking for your help and maybe some tips on how to proceed. Many thanks in advance. Anne

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    Quote Originally Posted by mary79 View Post
    fairs is a good idea to sell jewellery. Summer is over now but there are a number of jewellery fairs coming still. Do you know the Scottish Bead Fair, they also have a website displaying the dates, and I think there is one coming in November.
    Is it just me that's getting bored with this drivel now?


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