How To Get Your Jewellery Into Stores

selling-jewellery-to-retailersSell Handmade Jewellery: Selling to Retailers

Selling jewellery for your own business is one thing, but selling jewellery to retailers and stores is a whole new process. Ideally, you would like to sell your jewellery to stores to boost your publicity and gain profit – but how do you do this? Selling products to retailers can be handled professionally, and with great success – discover our top tips on selling your handmade jewellery to stores and boutiques for more exposure, and to build new business relationships that will last.

How to Sell Handmade Items to Stores: Preparation

Organisation is crucial in being able to successfully demonstrate your collection to any retailer – and being prepared with everything beforehand. If you haven’t already, create a catalogue of your jewellery with clear photos and creative descriptions – you want this collection to tell your story. Any retailer or potential buyer will see this catalogue as your manifesto, so putting across your passion through this catalogue can really benefit your line.

Price up your collection correctly and make sure it is easy to read. To give retailers a more detailed description of your work, show them a breakdown of all the raw materials used and the labour that’s gone into your work. This will help them to identify how you came to your retail price. Accompany this with your own design of an order form to encourage the retailer to put down an order on some of your jewellery pieces.

Once your preparation is complete, you can begin contacting retailers and boutiques and getting your product into stores. It’s often a wise idea to visit the stores and boutiques you are interested in as a customer first to grasp a feel for their brand, and to compare your jewellery to theirs.

Getting Your Product In Stores: How To Contact Retailers

Your collection is organised and ready to show off, so now you need to get in touch with your desired stores or retailers. Approaching retailers is the first and most important step in selling to stores – not executing this step correctly can show a lack of professionalism and result in a lost opportunity.

Selling products to retailers can take time, persistence and patience – start by contacting a number of different stores to get the buyers name and email and take it from there. Emailing is the most common way of selling your product to retail stores – make your email snappy and to the point, but try to convey as much of your personality as you can. Follow them on social media and make an effort to show you are interested in their products and that you understand their brand.

Although email is an easy option, chatting on the phone or face-to-face is a more engaging way of getting retailers’ attention and truly selling your personality. Not everybody will get back to you, but try not to pester stores if you haven’t heard back. Reminders can be helpful to subtly prompt them to get back to you. Eventually, you will hear back from people who are interested and hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your collection.

Selling Your Product To Retailers: Stand Out From The Crowd

If you don’t want to stick to the norm when it comes to selling your products to retailers, taking risks is essential. You’re not only selling your jewellery pieces, you are selling yourself too. Think of interesting ways of selling your product to retailers that could make them remember you.

A simple gift of display jewellery for the retailer’s window with no obvious ulterior motive is a great way of showing off part of your collection, while also giving your desired retailer the chance to fashion it. Suggest that this is a merely a gift, and if they find people giving them compliments, then they can contact you and perhaps arrange to see your full line. This level of personal touch is a promising way of standing out from the crowd, intriguing your desired retailer to find out more, and also giving them the opportunity to see a taste of your work up close before committing to hosting more of your work in-store.

Where can I sell my handmade jewellery?

Where to sell jewellery solely depends on the size of your jewellery business, and your realistic aspirations for its growth. Choose your stores wisely. Choosing places to sell jewellery based on ease of location, a friend doing you a favour or other external factors can be a mistake. You need to ensure you have selected a place where you can sell handmade jewellery that will still represent your individual brand whilst being displayed in the right store or boutique. Selling a product to retailers can be exciting, but make sure it is the right retailer for your brand.

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