Review: Glass Charm Beads

By Jo Varney

There is no disputing the enduring popularity of jewel coloured glass charm beads. However, with some brands charging up to £40 per bead it can become an eye wateringly expensive hobby!

Yellow Glass Charm BeadBlue Glass Charm Bead

Glass Charm Beads, Blue and White Abstract Pattern or Yellow with Blue Flowers (product codes 61GL CB71 and 61GL CB45)

I believe it’s a common misconception that the only way to buy a quality item is to purchase a branded product, but you might think again when you consider the range of quality unbranded glass charm beads which are available at Cooksongold. If you glance at the price alone (at just under £2 each including VAT), most people are going to think “wow, what a bargain” or “it can’t possibly be any good for that price” – so it was with great interest that I jumped straight to the reviews of these products to see just what customers were making of them…

“Again such good quality thanks and real silver what more can one ask for” by Metack

“Great colours and good quality” by Carol

“Fab bead, really good quality!” by Janice

Are you convinced yet?

So having talked about the amazing price of these little beauties, let’s talk about what you actually get. The dimensions of the glass charm beads are very similar to those of other branded examples, measuring approximately 14mm x 7.5mm with a 4.5mm central hole inside the silver insert (you can expect slight variations in the exact size of each bead as these items are handmade). The size of the internal hole is a crucial dimension as it means these beads should be compatible with most other standard charm bracelets, as well as alternative stringing materials such as leather cord, cotton, fabric or chain. Another point worth a mention is that the inserts are sterling silver – not base metal or silver plated, but solid sterling silver, so these charm beads will complement any other sterling silver beads that you may already own.

Black Glass Charm BeadGreen Glass Charm Bead

Glass Charm Beads, Black with White Dots or Green and White Spiral Pattern (product codes 61GL CB64 and 61GL CB62)

The range of colours and styles available is extensive, and you can choose from all the common themes you would expect to find in a glass bead range. For example, there are pinks, blues, greens, monochrome and purples to name but a few, each presented in a range of different styles. This means you can mix florals with hearts or swirls with stripes, or in fact whatever takes your fancy as there really are no rules – it’s just a matter of personal taste.

There are a total of 32 glass charm beads to offer which complement our existing ranges of sterling silver and Swarovski Crystal charm beads. Cooksongold also stock charm bracelets, leather bracelets and spacers – all the components you might need to build a charm bracelet from scratch, at a fraction of the cost of similar branded products elsewhere. The great thing about lower prices is that you can buy more, meaning you can chop and change your look as required instead being limited to just one.

Why not give Cooksongold’s selection of glass charm beads a try, and enjoy the versatility of lower prices without having to compromise on quality? Shop the full range here today.

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